9 week photography program (certificate) payments plan

$216.00 on the 15th of each month for 2 months


First payment: August 15, 2024


Throughout the duration of this in-depth 9-week deep-dive into photography, we will teach you the fundamentals of photography, from the history of photography all the way to the technical aspects of the camera, basic composition, and retouching.

Our aim is to help you begin your photography journey in the best possible way as you gain a comprehensive understanding of what the art of photography entails while falling in love with photography as an art form. The course isn’t completely theory-based, as you will also be given a chance to fully immerse yourself in a hands-on studio class, providing you with the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from our senior tutors.

This is an online course with live sessions and a studio class. All lessons will be recorded, with learning materials available on our online portal.

Courses in this program (5 courses): The history of photography, Introduction to photography, Color theory,  Photography studio class A , Image retouching.

  • This program includes a $50 software reimbursement. Ask admissions for the coupon code.