Photography 4.5 month program (certificate)


This is an eleven-course program showcasing the most basic skills needed for modern designers. This program is good for anyone that wants to start in graphic design or wants to acquire a new skill set. The Graphic Design program teaches the basic concepts of graphic design such as color theory, typography, and composition, and working with the relevant software.

All of our programs include special studio classes, live classes, hands-on projects, and mentorship.

Courses in this program (11 courses – 2 studio courses) : Illustrator, Introduction to Graphic Design, Color Theory, Graphic Design Studio A (Logo Design), Graphic Design Studio B (Layout Design), Graphic Design History, Design Critique, Portfolio, Photoshop, Typography, Grids and Layouts (InDesign).



This course is a continuation of the Introduction to Photography course. After learning the fundamentals of photography during the initial 9-week course, we will delve deeper into the art of photography with more in-depth professional courses.

You will be encouraged to push the boundaries of your creativity and your photography skills through more challenging tasks. Throughout this 4.5-month course, you will gain a deeper understanding of composition, with an entire module dedicated to this key element of good photography.

You will also receive a complete commercial lighting booth kit to practice product photography. There will also be an exciting bonus workshop inviting you to participate in a live fashion shoot with your tutor. If you’re in the London area, then you’re more than welcome to come along. If not, you can watch it online and ask questions!

Courses in this program (11 courses – 2 studio courses) : The history of photography, Introduction to photography, Color theory,  Photography studio class A , Image retouching, Advanced composition, Advanced camera control, Photography studio class B (product photography + lighting), Advanced image retouching, Portfolio, Getting started as a photographer.

  • This program includes a $100 software reimbursement. Ask admissions for the coupon code.